Edgewood Community Advisory Board

The Edgewood Community Advisory Board has been created to represent the needs of the Edgewood community.

The objectives goals of the Edgewood Community Advisory Board are:

  • Strengthen community identity and reinforce the importance of established community focal points.
  • Create a process for meaningful public participation and education so that citizens have a voice and role in advising the administration on community needs and issues.
  • Foster new alliances and coalitions by involving diverse elements of the community in a broad spectrum of community issues.
  • Improve the quality of neighborhoods by identifying and addressing specific needs and problems in areas such as safety, neighborhood revitalization, traffic, and recreation.

The following committees and Sub-Committees have been established to achieve the objectives of the Council. These committees and/or sub-committees plan, develop and coordinate activities and/or programs that will accomplish the goals and achieve the objectives of our community.

  • Safe and Secure Neighborhood Committee
  • Ministerial Alliance Committee
  • Historical/Cultural Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Business Development Committee
  • Property and Land Use Sub-Committee
  • Neighborhood Youth Sub-Committee
  • Senior (elderly) Issues Sub-committee
  • Special Events Sub-Committee (i.e. Independence Day Celebration)
  • Laws and Legislative Action(s) Sub-Committee
  • HOA and Apartment Managers Sub-Committee
  • Voter Registration Sub-Committee
  • Serve-Fest/Grime Abatement Campaign

The ECC needs your help. Anyone interested in joining the Edgewood Community Council or participating in the efforts of any of the Committees and/or Sub-committees should contact:

Jane Walker
Harford County Office of Government and Community Relations
Phone: 410-638-3355 | Fax: 410-838-4284

Jansen Robinson
Chairman, Edgewood Community Council
Phone: 410-676-1589 (h) | Phone: (410) 258-4552 (cell)
Email: jmrobinson4@hotmail.com

Please join in the monthly Edgewood Community Council meetings!  Meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Harford County Sheriff, Southern Precinct building at 1305 Pulaski Highway, Edgewood, MD 21040 (click here for map).

Bring your ideas, suggestions and a friend!