Info from Councilman Guthrie – Legislative Alert – March 2009

From the desk of Councilman Dion Guthrie:

Last week I sent to you a list of the amendments to Bill No. 09-05 which are my amendments to make the new incinerator plant more adaptable to the community. These amendments are very important to the Edgewood/Joppatowne community. Rt. 152 is the dividing point between Edgewood and Joppatowne and that is exactly where this new incinerator plant will be constructed. If you are familiar with the existing plant, please be advised that the new plant will be 4 times the size of the existing plant and we will go from burning 360 tons of trash a day to 1,500 tons of trash a day. I have made every attempt to get the Administration of Harford County to go along with these amendments; however, they are “vehemently” opposed to my amendments. The only thing my amendments do is force them to put in a new route from Rt. 24 to the rear of the new incinerator plant so trucks will be taken off of Magnolia Road, basically a residential road, and put on Rt. 24 which has no driveway entrances or exits for any residential homes. There are many on Rt. 152.

I need your support to get these amendments passed. Right now I have Councilwoman Mary Ann Lisanti supporting these amendments and I am not sure if anyone else is. Building this road from Rt. 24 to the incinerator plant will not cost the taxpayers one dime. The increased profit that the County will make from this new plant will easily pay for the cost of this road. Right now, with the existing plant, the County makes $2,791,126 profit after expenses selling steam back to Aberdeen Proving Ground. When the new plant is opened it is estimated that the profit then, after expenses, will be $11,164,504 per year. That will more than pay for the road which is about ¾ of a mile long, which, by the way, APG, through my conversations with Colonel James Weissman, the Garrison Commander of APG, says they will donate the land needed for the road in addition to donating the 34 acres for the new plant which will cost in access of $400 million; probably the largest project in Harford County history.

I NEED YOUR HELP! Tuesday night, 7:30 p.m., in the Harford County Chambers, we will be voting on the amendments I sent to you last week. If they don’t pass, I doubt very much that we will ever get that road. I have both Senator Barbara Mikulski and Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger working on this from the Federal side. If we pass these amendments, we will force the County and the Army to go forward with this road since they all want this plant in the worst way. I can guarantee you they will not let the lack of building this road come between building or not building this plant. I will need you to show up tomorrow night with as many people as you can get and please make up signs that basically say, “Pass Councilman Guthrie’s Amendments”. You can hold them in the back of the room or at your seats so Council members can see it. This is our last shot. Once those amendments are dealt with up or down, the bill will now come before the Council on March 17th for a final vote and I can guarantee you whether that bill is amended or not, it will pass. If my amendments are not there, I will not vote for the bill.

Thank you.

Councilman Dion Guthrie

Diane Burch
Administrative Assistant to Councilman Guthrie
Harford County Council
phone: (410)638-4109, x1403