Elected Representatives Reports, Jan 2010

County Councilman Dion Guthrie’s Report
(Input by Diane Burch)

Double Groundbreaking at APG
On December 14th Councilman Guthrie attended a Double Groundbreaking at Aberdeen Proving Ground for the GATE Project.  St. John Properties, in partnership with APG, is developing the Government and Technology Enterprise (GATE), a 2-3 million+ square feet, 400+ acres state-of-the-art research and development and technology business park for both government and non-government users.  This project will generate hundreds of excellent jobs.  Mr. Guthrie is very pleased with this project and will offer information regarding the progress of the construction as time allows.

Renter’s Proposal Meeting
Included in Councilman Guthrie’s always busy schedule is an upcoming meeting regarding renters of properties.  He plans to meet with Shawn Kingston, Director of the Harford County Housing Agency, Omar Simpson and Jansen Robinson, both very involved community constituents, to discuss the need for legislation to require owners to be responsible for their properties.  Any information that develops from this meeting will be shared with Mr. Guthrie’s constituents as soon as it is available.

Legislation in the Works
Bill No. 09-44 (Semiannual Annual Property Tax Service Charge) was introduced at the County Council’s December 1st meeting. This bill will eliminate any service charge associated with the submission of the annual property tax in semiannual installment payments by a property owner; and generally relating to semiannual property tax payments.

Bill No. 09-45 (Solar Energy Tax Credit) was introduced at the County Council’s December 1st meeting.  This bill will set an annual limit on amount of credits granted, of Section 123-44, credit for qualifying energy conservation devices, of Article II, Real Property Tax Credits, of Chapter 123, Finance and Taxation, of the Harford County Code, as amended; to provide for an increase in the tax credit amount as part of the energy initiative.

Bill No. 09-46 (Transportation Plan) was introduced at the County Council’s December 1st meeting.  This bill will provide for the adoption of the 2010 Transportation Plan as part of the Master Plan.  This is an important piece of legislation as, in part, it deals with the widening of Rt. 152 to which Councilman Guthrie is opposed.  Amendments will be introduced.

All three of these bills were up for Public Hearing last Tuesday, January 5, 2010, in the Council Chambers.

New Year, New Cheer
Councilman Guthrie would like to wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year and let’s hope the New Year will bring a better economy!