ECC Meeting, Jan 2010

The next Edgewood Community Council meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, January 13th at the Edgewood Recreation and Community Center (ERC), 1980 Brookside Drive.  The February ECC meeting is scheduled for February 10th at 7:00 pm at the ERC.

Commentary and Goals: ECC Jan 2010 Agenda (By Jansen Robinson, Chair, ECC)

In 2010 the Edgewood Community Council will place a laser-like focus on two major areas- (Political and Economic Development) that play significant roles in improving our quality of life.

We will continue to address those social issues that affect our quality of life. But we can ill-afford to sit on the sidelines and complain about where we find ourselves, when WE possess the means to affect positive change.

The ECC will work with our local and state government representatives as well as such agencies as the Harford County Small and Disadvantaged Business Center to educate and engage our community about the potential that we already possess. At each of our meetings time will be set aside to discuss how to proceed in each of these areas.

The Edgewood Community has recently shown that when we work collectively (as we did in the the Prologics project), for the common good of our community-we can accomplish great things. Lets take that momentum into 2010.

POLITICAL Development: We want our elected officials to be partners in improving the quality of life in Edgewood. To ensure that we are part of the decision-making process means that we must strategically build our Political Clout. To do so we must take advantage of this political season to address the areas listed below.

2010 Census
Voter Registration
Candidates for the elected offices
Candidates for District A Board of Education

ECONOMIC Development– It does us no good to be Politically developed if we are economically disadvantaged. BRAC can have a significantly positive impact on our Community, if we get involved. The areas that we will pay particular attention to in 2010 are the following-because we can’t continue to expect the government to solve our problems.

BRAC and the Edgewood Community
Edgewood Master Plan
Small Business Development
Green Jobs Training Programs

There is an old adage that I think appropriate for where we find ourselves…”If we always do what we have always done— we will always get what we have always gotten.”- If we are not satisfied with where we find ourselves as a community and individually then we must do something strategically different.