New Police Station Finally Being Built

Harford County Sheriff Southern Precinct is finally getting their new police station!  It is being built on the old Bonnie Brae flea market location in Edgewood, on Route 40 (top of the hill) between Mountain Rd and Woodbridge Center Way.  The property has been vacant for several years and was purchased by Harford County some time ago.

Now if only someone could clean up and revitalize the aging Keithley Bros, Inc. property across the highway; that old salvage yard could use some salvaging.  And no, we don’t need more self-storage centers, retail stores or fast-food joints.  How about office buildings for a change, or perhaps a community services center?

From WJZ:

They were all smiles on the spot of a former truck stop and flea market. That’s because a new $10 million police station for the southern district will be built.
“This southern precinct is something that’s been needed for some time,” said Billy Boniface, County Council.
“I think it shows a commitment to the Edgewood, Joppatowne community that these are good, viable places to live,” said David Craig, Harford County Executive.