Land Lord Legislation Proposal

The following legislation proposal dealing with Land Lord owned residential properties was prepared by Jansen Robinson and has been submitted to the ECC for review and comments. A copy was sent to Harford County Councilman Dion Guthrie and to The DaggerPress:

From Jansen Robinson, Chairman of the Edgewood Community Council.

On behalf of the Edgewood Community Council, I am requesting that you pursue county legislation that would require land lords to register their residential rental property with the Harford County Government prior to renting to perspective tenants, or renewing the leases of current tenants.

Furthermore, I am requesting that as a condition of renting any residential property that land lords be required to conduct criminal background checks on perspective tenants.

That land lords be required to authorize Harford County Government to enact similar provisions as applied to Section 8 housing voucher recipients.

That these rental units be subjected to random quality of life inspections to include lease enforcement and that the results of these inspections be provided to Harford County Government. The cost of such inspections shall be borne by the land lord.

That land lords be required to provide Harford County Government in a sworn affidavit that the landlord is in compliance with the Harford County Rental Property Ordinance.

That owners and managers of apartment complexes be required to comply with the same.

That land lords be held civilly liable for criminal activity committed by persons having rented residential property from them.