2009 Community Opinion Survey Results

The following opinion survey was conducted by Rick Impallaria, State Delegate, District 7, Rick.Impallaria@house.state.md.us 410-841-3334. His letter follows:

“Thanks to all of you who answered my survey. Your thoughts are important to me, and help me to clarify issues with my colleagues. So, I am pleased to present to you the results of the 2009 Opinion Survey.
We received a phenomenal 26.5% response rate – the highest ever. I take this as an indication of how dissatisfied people are with the status quo, and how desirous they are of making their opinions heard.

The respondents are, perhaps, primarily from my District 7, but many reside all over Maryland. Also, we do not cherry-pick – everyone who contacts me eventually gets on the email list – so, people on both sides of issues are represented in the data base. Please feel free to share this with others.”

The results were also sent to every member of the General Assembly, the Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller, Treasurer, and the Dept. of Business and Economic Development. Comptroller Peter Franchot sent a reply and stated he “was especially interested in the responses regarding the lowering of taxes.”

Community Opinion Survey Results

What taxes do you believe the state should lower in order to stimulate the economy?

  • Sales Tax – 110
  • Income Tax – 66
  • Property Tax – 60
  • Gasoline Tax – 38
  • Corporate Tax – 30
  • All Taxes – 15
  • Real Estate Transfer Tax – 13
  • Tobacco Tax – 11
  • None – 6
  • Auto Tax – 5
  • Clothing Tax – 4
  • State Tax – 3
  • Death Tax – 1
  • Capital Gains – 1
  • Employment Tax – 1
  • Impact Fees – 1
  • Luxury Tax – 1
  • Energy Tax – 1
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